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Personalized English classes for children


Drop-In Daycare

We offer a unique Drop-In Daycare service which is the only one of its kind in Madrid! We’ll take care of the kids while you run errands, meet friends or relax – no appointment necessary!  

About us

My Helping Shadow is a language school that offers personalized, high quality English Classes for children in the city of Madrid.

Our Classes

We offer English classes for both kids and adults. Choose the class that best fits your needs from: conversation, school support, exam preparation and more. Go to Services for more information!




My Helping Shadow is a language school that offers personalized, high quality English Classes for children in Madrid. My Helping Shadow strives to provide every child the tools to improve their English in every aspect so that they can begin to incorporate English into their daily routine. We build their self-esteem so they begin to feel confident in their knowledge and use of the language.

Our goal is to provide fun, creative and dynamic classes to motivate all kids to grow in their language abilities.


Why we are different:

  • Always native speakers
  • Personalized clases and services
  • Support directly linked to school curriculum
  • Small class size – Maximum of 4 students per group (primary)

Our unique approach to teaching English includes:

  • Personalized classes to fit the needs and level of each individual student.
  • Reduced class size
    • By offering classes with a reduced number of students (only 4 for primary and 5 for infantil), we insure that each student receives the individual attention and support needed to continually improve their English.
  • Innovative techniques to motivate and encourage good behavior
    • We use a point system to reinforce good behavior, using English correctly and continually and to give student the oporitunity to earn prizes for hard work and a job well done!
  • Well-Rounded service
    • Not only do we focus on all areas of language-learning (listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking), but we also incorporate the local school’s curriculum (including English and Science) to give students all the tools they need in order to succeed.




Do you live in the neighborhood? Would you like your child to enjoy our learning facilities? We offer personalized, high quality services at our location filled with all the materials and fun needed. We are located in the heart of the Barrio Salamanca, located next to El Colegio Inmaculada Concepción, El Colegio del Pilar, Colegio Nuestra Señora de Loreto and just 10 minutes from El Colegio Calasancio.

We are proud to be the only English academy of its kind that is also 100% adapted for children with special needs and/or disabilities. 


Overview of our services:

*Free Consultation

*Reduced Class Size – Maximum of 4 students per class (5 for Infantil classes)

*Reinforcement of School Curriculum

*Exam Preparation

*Conversation Classes

For more information of our services call us today!  


Classes until May = 16 euros/hour

Classes until June = 15 euros/hour

Private classes= 25 euros/hour

Matrícula = 75 euros annually per family

*We offer a 5% discount if you pay by trimester. 


Academy Policies

My Helping Shadow offers a variety of workshops throughout the year to focus on one specific area  of language learning (per workshop).


Some of our workshop topics include:

-> Reading Comprehension

   -> Writing skills

-> Speaking fluency

   -> Listening Comprehension


Our workshop schedule is ‘under construction’ for the 2018-2019 school year. Check back in September for more information!


Classes for Adults & Universitarios
Do you want to improve your English for work, school, travel or just for fun? At My Helping Shadow we offer private and small group classes for university students and adults.

What we do:

  • Create an individualized plan according to your needs and level

⇒Exam Preparation

⇒Homework assistance

⇒Grammar and vocabulary reinforcement

⇒Conversation and comprehension practice

We are updating our price list to better serve you, please check back or call us for more information!

Call today for more information!


Drop-In Daycare

(Available from October through March)

Have you ever had so many errands to run on a Saturday but find it difficult with the ”little-ones”?

Do you sometimes want a few hours to catch up with friends or to simply relax?


My Helping Shadow offers a one-of-a-kind ”Drop-In Daycare”. Our daycare is open on Saturdays so that you can bring your children to our center (no appointment necessary!*) for them to spend a few hours doing fun activities in English while you have the freedom to do anything you would like!


*While an appointment isn’t necessary, space is limited.

If you have a day in mind that you know you could use this service you can pre-pay to reserve your spot!

Call or email TODAY for more information.



My Helping Shadow offers a variety of urban camps at our location the heart of Madrid.

-We have diverse activities throughout the day that promote English enrichment.

-We offer a flexible schedule for all families.

*Our Camps*

Our goal is to provide you with many opportunities and events so that your children will improve and become even more confident with their English skills!

⇒Días Sin Cole & Intensive English

⇒Summer Camp

Take advantage of the school holidays and give your children the opportunity to improve their English level. We offer reinforcement of the local school’s curriculum to help prepare them throughout the year (vocabulary, grammar topics, science, etc.), and we’ll also have a great time playing games and doing a variety of activities in English to improve listening comprehension and speaking fluency.


Call us today for more information!  



If you would like to sign up your child/children, please call or come visit us today!

See our schedule and availability below:

*Updated July 11th, 2019

*Updated 11-July-2019

Contact Us


My Helping Shadow: Calle del General Pardiñas 35, 28001 Madrid. Spain
Call: +(34) 917 95 84 44 / +(34) 618 646 640