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Personalized English classes for children


Our Classes

We offer personalized English classes in a variety of locations; here in our center, in your home, or in your school or day care center.

Weekend Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops focusing on your child’s school curriculum. Our workshops are held on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.


We offer camps throughout the year in our center during Semana Santa, Christmas break, and summer. Sign up, space is limited



My Helping Shadow is a language school that offers personalized, high quality English Classes for children in the city of Madrid. My Helping Shadow aims to give your child the tools to improve their English in every aspect necessary and to begin to incorporate English into their Daily routine. We provide personalized services tailored to your child’s needs and goals and strive to become your child’s English Language “shadow”, helping them every step of the way. Our mission is to provide fun, creative, and dynamic classes for children to learn and enjoy. We build their self-esteem so they begin to feel confident in their knowledge and use of the language.

Why we are different

My Helping Shadow provides a different approach to English teaching for children. We begin by personally meeting the family and child/children in your home. We get to know your family and listen to your needs as a parent and learn about the needs of your child/children. We design an academic plan specifically tailored to your family’s needs and concerns to be able to provide you with the best service possible. You receive daily summaries EVERY DAY your child has class so you are kept up to date with your child’s progress and follow up home visits are scheduled by the supervising teacher to make sure your needs have been met and you are happy and satisfied with our services. My Helping Shadow excels at making the learning environment fun and creative so that each child enjoys themselves and looks forward to English class. We build their self-esteem and encourage them to learn and develop confidence in their use of the language.


My Helping Shadow offers a unique approach to teaching English to children. We offer a personalized service tailored to your child’s needs and level. We get to know the child not only as a student but as a person to connect with them and begin boosting their self-confidence so they feel good about themselves. We use a point system to encourage progress and good behavior, by using a point system the child can see their progress and receive a prize when a certain amount of points have been reached. We focus on all areas of learning to provide a well-rounded service and at the same time incorporate the child’s school curriculum when necessary.




Live in the neighborhood? Would you like your child to enjoy our learning facilities? We offer personalized and high quality services at our location. Filled with all the materials and fun needed, including a private outdoor patio. We offer private and semi-private classes at our facilities located in the heart of the Barrio Salamanca, located just behind El Colegio Inmaculada Concepcion, and 5 minutes from El Colegio del Pilar, Colegio Nuestra Señora de Loreto and El Colegio Calasancio.

Overview of how our services are implemented:
♣ The first visit is a consultation visit to get acquainted with the parents and child. A supervising teacher will meet with the parents to discuss the parent’s needs and concerns for their child’s progress. The supervising teacher will have a one hour session with the child to determine their level and needs.

Schedule Weekly Class(es)
♣ A schedule will be determined taking into account the child’s level and school which he/she attends. Classes are divided into groups of no more than three according to which school the children attend and their grade level. All group classes provide support and reinforcement according to the children’s homework and school curriculum. We use their school books to reinforce what they are learning in school and work with the parents to keep up to date with school´s exams and homework needs. Private and semi-private classes are also available. See pricing below.

My Helping Shadow offers qualified, experienced, and native English speaking teachers to teach in your facilities. We offer a free consultation visit to draw up a curriculum for your center which includes a 1 hour class to assess the needs of your school and children.

We first meet with you to assess your needs e.g how many students, age group, levels, and hours needed. We draw up a program based on our assessment and work together with the teachers to make sure that the students are progressing successfully according to plan.

We determine a timetable that fits your schedule

Our teachers will provide weekly feedback regarding the topics covered in each class An evaluation will be conducted twice a year by the supervising teacher to track and monitor the class’ progress and set new goals for the following semester. This evaluation also equips us with the information needed to make sure the class is progressing successfully. We handle all the hiring, scheduling, and planning required so you don’t have to!

Price is determined on number of hours per week, call for more information!


Tiny Tots Classes (ages 2-5)
♣ Our tiny tots classes begin at 1º Infantil. Classes are divided into groups of no more than four children of 1º , 2º , and 3º of infantil. We use games, puzzles, coloring and many other toys and tools to lay the foundation for English learning. We also begin pre-writing and reading in English with the 3º of infantil classes. See pricing below.

My Helping Shadow provides a personalized service for both parents and child. We work together as a team to reach our goals by creating a fun and dynamic environment for your children to grow and learn. We also integrate your child’s school curriculum in order to provide a well-rounded service so your child excels in every area. Our teachers create an environment to make learning fun and enjoyable where the child looks forward to English class.

Overview of how our services are implemented:
Free consultation
♣ The first visit is a free consultation to get acquainted with the parents and the child. A supervising teacher will meet with the parents to discuss the parent’s needs and concerns for their child’s progress. The supervising teacher will have a one hour session with the child to determine their level and needs. We will take note of where the classes will be conducted and what materials are already available for use and what material needs to be provided.

Semestral Plan
♣ After all the information has been gathered the supervising teacher will establish a plan each semester for the child. We also take into account the child’s curriculum at school to be able to weave in the material they have in school and the material they will be learning during their sessions with us.

Schedule Weekly Class(es)
♣ A schedule will be determined taking into account the child’s availability

Class Summary for Each Class
♣ For each class, a brief summary will be provided for the parents describing the activities and material that were performed and completed during the class. This allows the parents to know what their child is learning during every session,

Evaluations Every Semester
♣ An evaluation will be conducted twice a year by the supervising teacher to track and monitor your child’s progress and set new goals for the following semester. This evaluation also equips us with the information needed to make sure we are on the right track in your child’s progress with the English language.

So in short… What does our hourly fee include…
♣ Qualified and experienced native teacher in your home
♣ 1 hour consultation visit in your home with evaluation
♣ Semestral academic plan with follow up visit twice a year to track progress
♣ Daily summary for each child and class
♣ All materials needed to meet goals including games and photocopies (books not included if needed)

*Home classes are currently available to families living in the center of Madrid (within the M-30) and depending on teacher availability. Call or email for more information.



Our workshops are designed to promote conversation through fun games and activities. We provide a fun and dynamic setting filled with games that encourage children to form questions and respond in English. Covering all the areas of grammar suited for each age group and level, we make sure that each child is not only enjoying themselves but also learning. Along with our other classes we also use a point system during our workshops to encourage the use of the English language. Some examples of games that we use during our workshops are:

Guess who? – to practice the use of “Do you have….?” “Are you wearing…?” “Are you blonde?” “Are you green? Do you have feathers? And the correct responses that follow.

Silly sentences: To practice the word order of sentences by creating silly sentences: “The red crocodile jumped over the skinny banana” “A sad chair ate a hairy tree”

Identifying vocabulary for spelling practice: We break the children up into teams to play Pictionary. They have to identify the object in English then spell it.

Scrabble: The children play scrabble in English. They have to form words in English which encourages them to begin to identify and spell words in English using the letters they have or the letters on the board. This game is very challenging but excellent for making the children think in English and strive to use more difficult vocabulary.

These, along with many more games are an example of the fun that awaits! We also have an outdoor patio that we use when the weather permits to enjoy all of these activities outside!

*All abonos expire 12 weeks from purchase date*

  • Weekend Workshops
  • 15€ / 20€
  • Friday Workshop / Saturday Workshop (max 4 students)
  • Fridays 17:15 – 18:45
  • Saturdays 11:00 – 12:00
  • Saturdays 12:00 – 14:00
  • Call now for more information


My Helping Shadow offers a variety of urban camps at our location the heart of Madrid.  We have a 70m2 outdoor patio that provides an area for children to enjoy various outdoor activities in English.  We have diverse activities throughout the day that promote English enrichment. (See an example schedule below) We offer a flexible schedule for all families.


 Day Camps!

Join us for fun activities, games, crafts and more to spend a day in English! Just 25 € for the day (9:00-14:30) for one student or 40 € for two siblings, or you can choose an extended day until 16:30 for 5€ more per student. Call or email us today to reserve a spot for your child!  




Contact Us


My Helping Shadow: Calle del General Pardiñas 34, office 5, 28001 Madrid. Spain
Call: +(34) 917 95 84 44 / +(34) 618 646 640